7 foot tall dry retaining wall to replace old, dangerously deteriorated cemented version, and large granite steps.
Composed of recycled material, plus we hauled in 40-some tons across 2 neighbor's beachfronts.
3 days to demolish and rebuild, 3 men.

Waterfront Stone Work

Edge of stairway bench is just visible to the Left. Terrace 17' x 12', mostly large pieces. Day of completion, Spring 2010. A month later this scene was green lawn and densely planted perennials and groundcovers. We dressed the wall by leaning an old, curved-spoke high age of industry iron wheel and a 19th c. grindstone up against either side.
S-shaped stairway winds through unaligned walls with a stop for sitting to face the Lake.
Bench of recycled Norwich granite built into lakeside wall. Lake protection (silt fence) and gravel/silt fabric liner to protect wall from frost heaves.